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Ukulele Kit

Ukulele Kit

Ukulele Kit


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A ukulele is a wonderful way to teach kids the science of sound. Our ukulele kit empowers kids to build a functioning ukulele and join the Howtoons gang in their concert adventure. We worked with a real ukulele maker in Berkeley, CA, to ensure a well-designed, working ukulele! This kit includes the comic, instructions, tools, and all materials needed to complete the project, plus other bonus content. Price includes shipping.

What's In The Box?

  • all the pieces to make the ukulele (cardboard body, wooden neck, bridge, and frets, glue, eyebolts and screws, color nylon ukulele strings)   
  • ukulele stand
  • markers to decorate
  • magazine that includes an 8 page comic, instructions to build the project, instructions on how to play the ukulele, education on the science of sound, an interview with Mike DaSilvia (musician and ukulele maker), and extra DIY project toons

The Science Behind The Project

Kids will discover the science behind the sound by learning about sound waves, frequency and amplitude.

Recommended Ages

Howtoons kits are designed for ages 7-12 and are not recommended for children under 3.

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