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The Amazing Melody Yang

Interview With Bubble Artist Melody Yang

What was it like to grow up in a family of bubble artists?  

As any child, growing up constantly surrounded by bubbles seemed perfectly normal to me—until I began school at age 4 and had to explain my parents’ occupation to friends and teachers. Then I kind of got a hint that my life was not like anyone else’s. But I still felt like this is who I am and where I came from. 

How old were you the first time you performed with your family? 

My first performance was with my brother, Deni Yang. I was about 3 years old and he was 4. We performed on television in Milan, Italy for the Rai Uno Network.

When did you start developing your own tools and tricks? 

We’re always playing and coming up with different tricks and techniques. Even during performances, if something unexpected suddenly happens with the bubbles, we learn and implement that in other performances. I started experimenting more with my own tricks when I was 14. First I needed to get comfortable with learning my father and mother’s technique until I felt like I could try my own in front of an audience. 

Describe the process you use to develop new tools and tricks.

The process takes place at various times—sometimes during rehearsals or sometimes on stage. But what inspires me to create tricks are things that are visually appealing: images of planets, the universe, flowers, or waterfalls. We have already come up with such a great formula that now our process to develop and create is endless.

What part of the science of bubbles fascinates you most? 

What's fascinating with soap is that in order to create a long-lasting bubble, you need the right ingredients. There are also other factors that affect it as well, for instance, the environment, the type of water used, or having the precise measurements of each ingredient. Knowing all this can also determine the size of bubbles we create.

How important is having the right bubble solution?

Having the right solution is crucial. We travel all over the world working in many different environments, and each environment affects how we choose to mix our liquid. For example, when I had a performance in Dubai, I had to make sure my liquid was mixed strong enough, with more viscosity to withstand the dry air. Humidity helps the bubble last longer. Bubbles are liquid spheres, so even the tiniest dust particle can destroy our creation. 

What’s it like to collaborate with your family on the performances? 

It's always a good time performing with family. We all have our own characters, and that brings a different dynamic and feeling to the show. We joke around on stage together, and I feel it makes the audience more comfortable to see us working and having fun on stage together.

Your family holds so many Guinness Records. Which is your favorite?

There are a total of 19 Guinness World Records, with some of them breaking existing records. My favorite record, which I did with my entire family, is the "Most number of people inside of a bubble," with 181 people inside. Originally, it was 200 people, but the people at GWR didn't count small children, and everyone needed to be a certain height.

What’s your favorite part about working with bubbles?

My favorite part is the happiness that it brings. It never fails to make people smile or stop for a second and go back to childhood memories. No matter what, if you see a bubble in the air, you can’t resist but to reach out and pop it or even just stare at its phenomenon. It makes us all live in the moment. 

What’s your proudest accomplishment as a bubble artist?

Being able to show audiences and kids around the world that anything is possible. Having created such a wide, unexpected range of bubble artistry is truly a gratifying feeling.

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