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Magic of Bubbles

Magic of Bubbles

Behold Bubbleonia! It’s a fact: Everyone loves bubbles! Even animals in the wild have been seen blowing bubbles.They’re fun, simple, versatile, and really neat to look at. But there’s so much more to the humble bubble than meets the eye. This month, put together your own bubble toolkit to blow bubbles big, small, and even stacked on top of each other. Then experiment with inventing new bubble tools to wow the masses!


Bubble Science! Ever wonder what makes bubbles so magical? It’s science! Why are bubbles round? Why do they pop? How do they reflect so many different colors? The answer to all these questions is rooted in scientific principles. Learn about the surface tension and elasticity of bubbles and become a budding bubbleologist!

Interview with a Pro: Melody Yang

To learn more about what makes bubbles so awesome, we spoke with Melody Yang, a professional bubble artist. Melody has been performing with her mother, father, and brother since she was 4 years old. Together, they’ve travelled the world and won bubble-blowing world records.


The Art of Flight

Our popular airplane kit is now available as a single kit. Follow the gang as they soar through the sky in the ultimate paper airplane challenge. Paper airplanes are a great way to test, play, and understand the science of flight.



Get Cartooned!

Do you have a picture of yourself with a project you made from one of our Howtoons kits? We’d love to see it! Post it on your social feeds and tag us (@howtoons and #howtoons). If we pick your picture, we’ll put a Howtoons cartoon twist on it and share it












July 4th Parade!

This year we were proud to join our home town parade. What a fun event and an amazing community! Here is our dino-cam recap of the July 4th parade! Thanks for the support!

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th!

Celebrate our independence with these great Howtoon projects!!!

It may be a small step for man kind, but will be a giant step for awesome fun! Make a pop rocket using a pop lid, Alka-Seltza, toilet paper and water.

Cool off this holiday with these easy to make water projects! 

No grilling required for this meal, just the sun's awesome heat. 


Last but not least, our fiercest project of all... the Speed Demon. Watch out!